Monday, February 23, 2009

My first Skirt

Hi, this is still Katie! Along with quilting, I'm also starting to learn how to sew simple clothing. I know for you experts this is not a big deal. But for a girl who refused to sew growing up, this is huge. I took a class at Sew to Speak, a local fabric store in Columbus, OH (I suggest you crafters find this place, it has a lot of fun and colorful fabrics....luckily it's just down the road from where I live). This class taught us how to create our own pattern and sew a simple A-line skirt from that pattern (lining and zipper also). It was a great class, and I think for my first skirt ever this is pretty good. There are some imperfections with this one, but I'm sure I will get better with time. I'm still going to wear it, flaws and all.

Here He Is!

Okay, you've heard me talk about Tommy, and well I feel you should see some pics of this cute baby. And I mean cute, even if he wasn't family, he would still be a cute baby. You are looking at a picture of Tommy and I after his baptism (color not too good...stupid backlighting...oh well), then two cute shots of him, his dad even got him to smile in the last one. He's going to be a charmer ladies so watch out.

Gift Box for Tommy

As most of my friends know, I paint gift boxes for special occasions such as weddings and the births of their children. Of course I had to paint one for my Godson Tommy (can you tell I'm super excited to be a's a good excuse to spoil him rotten....haha). So here is his gift box based on the fabric I used for his baby quilt. You are looking at all four sides. It turned out pretty well for drawing, painting, and varnishing in one week. A lot goes into these boxes and luckily this one was an easy design, and I was able to get it done quickly.

First Quilt Finished!

Hi this is Katie! You've been hearing me talk about quilting, there are so many wonderful fabrics out there are fun and contemporary, that it has helped in my decision to be a little more crafty. And I thought why not do a quilt. So this is the first completed quilt. It's for my Godson Tommy. I saw this in a quilt store here in Columbus, OH and thought it would be the perfect thing to give him as a partial baptism present. So here it is! As you look at the image, the upper left is the top of the quilt, the lower left is a zoomed in shot of the corner of the quilt (to see the fabric a little better), the upper right is the back of the quilt, and the lower right is a zoomed in shot of the back and tag. I think for my first finished quilt this is pretty good. There's more to come from my sewing machine.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eamon and I were playing around with the camera this weekend! He starts to squint whenever the red eye light comes on!